Tech Blog Post: Hard Drives

      Hard drives are used every day to store information on any device. All of the information saved on a device can be found in the hard drive from software to pictures and videos. There are two types of hard drives: hard disk drives and solid state drives. Hard disk drives are the most common as they are generally much cheaper. They consist of a spinning disk and a magnetic needle which basically writes magnetic messages in binary onto the disk which can then be accessed and read later. Solid state drives instead use non-magnetic semiconductor chips to save data meaning it is more reliable and also ends up slightly faster than hard disk drives.
      People use the technology of hard drives everyday with out even realizing it. when you save a picture on your phone, download apps, or install software the information is all being stored until it is either deleted or overwritten. Without hard drives devices would not be able to permanently store data as the only other way to store information is RAM which is only accessible as long as the device as not lost power, at which point the information is lost forever.
      Hard drives are most commonly measured in gigabytes, and terabytes in modern devices with around 32-64 GB being common in cell phones and anywhere from 500GB-1TB becoming more and more common on laptops and computers. As both software and other information, such as higher quality pictures and videos, become increasingly complex and detailed the need for even more space for storage will increase.
      Hard drives have not replaced any other piece of hardware as they have been in computers since the start of the devices because the storage of information is so crucial. This device has made my life easier because I can easily store any information I want on any of my devices and not worry about it being lost. The same effect have been seen on society as hard drives have been used to store data for things such as books or images of historical paintings in order to make sure that that information is preserved even after the books have gotten old or been forgotten.


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