Data Privacy

Article 1:
      This article about the Accuweather app shows how many companies make their money off of a free app. The app begins by asking you if it could access your location even when not in the app. This is in order to comfort the user into thinking their data will not be used if they so choose. In reality Accuweather will still be selling your location data to other third party companies. They have to do this because most advertisers benefit more from their ads when they are targeting the larger audiences of the bigger weather apps.

Article 2:
      This article acknowledges the problems with data privacy resulting from ads that can track location. Advertisers can set their adds to be based on location and if they then monitor where their adds are being displayed they can effectively monitor someones location without them even knowing or accepting any conditions. The advertiser can, if they want to, monitor the path an individual takes on a day to day basis by putting dots on places where the person stopped for more than five minutes and drawing the path they took. The advertisers can also tell what type of other apps the person has on their phone and therefor access private information.

Article 3:
      In this article the dangers and benefits of location sharing are reviewed. The benefits are that it can be used by parents to monitor their children's locations and make sure they are not going into any dangerous areas or other places they should not be. It can also be used in the events of parties or other get togethers in by showing people exactly where you are and where to come to. Dangers from this location sharing is that it can drain battery life and if children share their location with bad people they can be put in danger.

      My thoughts on these articles is that people have to be extremely careful what apps they download because they may have access to information you don't want them to and to be careful with where your location is being shared and with whom. I also think that it is very scary that individuals can use advertising information to track you without you even knowing or consenting to the information being released. These types of security concerns will only get worse in my opinion especially with threats to security from hackers as well as the relentless companies that are trying to tear down net neutrality.


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