10 Breakthrough technologies of 2017

Of the MIT list of ten breakthrough technologies of 2017 I am already familiar with "reversing paralysis", "self-driving trucks", "The 360 degree selfie", and "reinforced learning". Each of these things have gained a notable amount of attention in the last year whether it be over controversy or pure innovation. The articles which I should learn more about are "Paying with your face" and "Gene therapy 2.0" as these are both things which will only become bigger in the future. Another topic that I think will almost certainly not go away are botnets from the "Botnets of things" article. I think everyone who owns some form of a computer should be aware of this and be made aware of ways to potentially stop their own devices being used in a botnet. The only thing on this list that I think will go away or at least not become very popular are the 360 degree cameras which are unnecessary in most people's lives until they can be integrated into phones.


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